Lonely Planet Owns Full Top 10 Travel Apps In 42 Countries

This Monday, Lonely Planet decided to offer 13 of their iPhone city guides for free to stranded travelers, In response to the widespread chaos caused by the volcano eruption in Iceland. These apps normally are priced between $4.99 and $15.99. The apps will go back to their regular price today. On the last day of this promotion, Lonely […]

Apps Inside The Car

One month ago we wrote about Ford’s launch of an in-car App Store. According to Mashable, Ford annouced an upgrade of the SYNC platform enabling to control Android and Blackberry apps by voice commands. The Ford SYNC platform already allowed drivers to bring nearly any mobile phone and some media players into their vehicle and operate them […]

Distimo Response On New Apple iPhone Developer Agreement

There’s been a lot of commotion in the news around the latest version of Apple’s iPhone Developer Program License Agreement. Yesterday, we talked to Paul Boutin from VentureBeat regarding the question whether Apple is changing the rules on iPhone app analytics. This discussion started because of a new section in the developer agreement that would […]

Distimo Presenting At The Next Web

In two weeks The Next Web Conference will be held in Amsterdam. This is the fifth edition of the three day event that brings together Europe and US audience to discuss the future of the web. We are excited to announce that Distimo will be presenting during the startup rally. See the full agenda of all speakers […]

Vodafone 360 goes paid

Vodafone’s 360 app store was launched last September and offers a collection of mobile widgets to Vodafone subscribers in eight countries. Initially, developers could only offer free applications. Now Vodafone announced the support to publishing paid apps on the 360 platform. Developers can publish paid  apps in one or more of the eight supported European countries. Application […]