Maemo Apps Coming To Nokia Ovi Store

Recently, Nokia launched the N900 phone, the first model running on Maemo, which is a Linux based operating system. Nokia plans to launch more phones with Maemo and right now the first applications are available in Maemo Select:


Maemo Select is a web based store that will combine Maemo applications from both the Ovi Store and the Maemo Community. Right now, 47 free applications are available, with wallpapers and themes coming soon.

Maemo applications will also become available in the Nokia Ovi Store. The device client for downloading and purchasing apps is also coming soon. Including Maemo, the Ovi Store would support four different platforms: Java, Symbian, Widgets and Maemo.

It is not clear why Nokia would distribute apps for Maemo in both Maemo Select and the Ovi Store. It could be that Maemo Select is an intermediary solution and that it will be replaced by the Ovi Store.

Vincent Hoogsteder