Nokia Maemo and the Ovi Store

With Nokia World around the corner (September 2 in Germany), a lot of news has come out in the last days. This week Nokia announced the launch of a netbook and now also presented their first mobile phone based on the Maemo platform. Nokia already offers an internet tablet based on Maemo, which is an Linux based operating system.

It is very interesting how all these new developments will influence Nokia’s app store strategy. Nokia now has its Ovi Store with content for Symbian phones, a netbook that is likely to run Windows and a new phone with the Linux based Maemo as operating system instead of Nokia’s long used Symbian.

The first signs on how this all affects Nokia’s app store offering are starting to appear. The first Nokia phone with Maemo will have something called Maemo Select, described as:

the place to discover the most popular downloads from the Maemo community and Ovi Store. Choose your favourite applications, themes, and wallpapers to personalise your Maemo device.

Maemo already has a community of developers that build and offer applications to consumers. On close to 500 applications are available for the current Maemo platform. Looking at the Maemo Select description, Nokia will be offering this content combined with content from the Ovi Store on the new N900 phone.

It is unclear yet if, and exactly how, Maemo applications will be supported in the Ovi Store. Expect more news on this September 2nd.

Vincent Hoogsteder