Turn-by-turn navigation apps compete for the US market

Almost a week has passed since the release of the iPhone 3.0 software, allowing developers to use turn-by-turn navigation. Since then, a few of such apps have been released:

  • Gokivo + Yahoo! Local Search
  • MobileNavigator Europe
  • Mobile Maps Australia & New Zealand – Turn-by-Turn Voice Guided GPS Navigation
  • Mobile Maps Asia – South-East – Turn-by-Turn Voice Guided GPS Navigation
  • AT&T Navigator: monthly fee on AT&T bill

Until now, TomTom has not yet been released, but it should be coming soon. However, we already have made an overview of the Navigation marke until now:

Navigation apps

Rankings per country of turn-by-turn navigation apps (Navigation category)

It is striking to see that in the United States there is a lot of competition by Gokivo, MobileNavigator Europe and AT&T Navigator (while MobileNavigator doesn’t even support US maps), where in the rest of the world competition is almost absent. This will change soon however; we will keep you posted.

Remco van den Elzen