Distimo Reports on Ericsson Labs

We are glad to announce Ericsson Labs will, from now on, make our monthly reports available for developers via the Ericsson Labs blog. The latest Distimo Report on Location Based Applications, which was made in cooperation with Skyhook Wireless, is already published there. Ericsson Labs is a concept for open innovation. The site holds APIs, resources, offerings, […]

Samsung Bada To Support In-App Purchasing

Samsung just released a set of videos from the Bada Launch Ceremony that was held on December 8 in London. Bada is a software layer that Samsung has added on top of its existing proprietary mobile phone operating system. This will allow developers to create applications for Samsung’s phones. Right now, developers can already get […]

GetJar’s Most Downloaded Worldwide: Social Apps Performing Best

GetJar, one of the largest independent application stores out there, shared their most downloaded apps in November with us. Facebook Mobile was downloaded most, with eBuddy coming second and Opera Mini third. Mig33 and Nimbuzz performed very good as well, ranking fourth and fifth respectively. Among the 20 globally most downloaded apps in November, 10 are […]

Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA To Feature Android Apps In PlayNow Arena

Sony Ericsson’s new phone, the XPERIA X10 will be available in selected markets in the first quarter of 2010. Previously we reported on the decision of Sony Ericsson to pre-install Android Market, now however they announced that PlayNow will be pre-installed on the device. Sony Ericsson doesn’t report anything about whether Android Market will still […]

Distimo And Skyhook Report November 2009: Location Based Applications

Every month we publish a report highlighting trends in the different mobile app stores. For the November Report, which is now available, Distimo partnered with Skyhook Wireless. The combination of Skyhook’s location based application list with Distimo’s app store metrics gives unique insights in these types of applications. The report covers the Apple App Store, […]

Distimo Launches Appstores.info

When we started Distimo, there were only a couple app stores in the market. A lot has happened since then, with more and more of the major phone manufacturers and operators launching mobile application stores. We started tracking all these stores on our blog and in our mobile app store overview. This overview quickly contained over […]

T-Mobile Announces Operator Billing For Android Market

T-Mobile announced it will enable customers on post-paid accounts with devices running Android 1.6 to pay using their T-mobile account. Beginning December 9th, customers will receive an update to Android Market that enables them to choose between paying using their Credit card or T-mobile account. All customers will receive the update by early January 2010. […]