Recap of this week’s app store news

The NASA app for the iPhone entered the top charts worldwide. The Barnes & Noble eReader runs on Android. Will it support Android applications and the Android Market? Google Wave will get an app store. TomTom made $4.8M revenue in Q3 2009 with its iPhone applications. Google announced free navigation for Android. The Vodafone 360 […]

Google Announces Free Navigation For Android

Google just announced their turn-by-turn Google Maps Navigation application for Android 2.0. Best of all, it’s free. A few hours ago we reported on TomTom’s Q3 2009 results, asking how these would be influenced in the coming months due to the upcoming turn-by-turn application from Google. Well, from the first impressions, we can conclude that […]

TomTom’s Revenue From The Apple App Store: $4.8M (Q3 2009)

TomTom just announced their financial results for the third quarter of 2009. Overall, TomTom’s profit decreased significantly from €58M in Q3 2008 to €28M in Q3 2009. They sold almost 2.6M ‘Personal Navigation Devices’ (PND), and they registered close to 80.000 downloads of their iPhone applications. Revenue resulting from all PND’s was €255M. We are interested […]

Google Wave To Get An App Store

According to BusinessWeek, Google is very likely to build an app store for Google Wave. BusinessWeek spoke to Lars Rasmussen, Google’s software engineer manager who directs the Wave team: “So many developers have asked us to build a marketplace – and we might do a revenue-sharing arrangement.” Google of course hopes that developers will build […]

Will Barnes & Noble’s eReader Support Apps?

Last week, Barnes & Noble officially launched the nook, a touchscreen-based color eReader device, to rival’s bestselling Kindle. The nook runs on Google’s Android OS, resulting in the ability to support Android applications, next to the eBooks that B&N offers through its store on the device. Currently, the Android Market is not present on the […]

Recap of this week’s app store news

Apple sold 7.4 million iPhones in its 4th Quarter (ending Sept. 26), and since the App Store’s launch, 2 billion apps were downloaded The Palm App Catalog is now -partly- accessible in your browser Free apps have entered the Top Grossing ranking lists on Apple’s App Store because of in-app purchasing now being possible for […]