Pricing strategies of turn by turn navigation apps in the United States

As reported previously, turn by turn navigation apps are allowed since the release of iPhone OS 3.0. In our previous post, we outlined the rankings of these apps in the different countries. Since most of these apps compete for the US market, we analyzed the rankings of these apps in the US: The first two […]

Battle for Getjar’s top positions

Since a couple of months, we have been tracking applications on Getjar. There is a nice battle going on for the top positions in their store. These positions are important for developers, because the  higher your app, the more visibility you get among Getjar users on both the website and the mobile version. Recently, the mobile […]

Turn-by-turn navigation apps compete for the US market

Almost a week has passed since the release of the iPhone 3.0 software, allowing developers to use turn-by-turn navigation. Since then, a few of such apps have been released: Gokivo + Yahoo! Local Search MobileNavigator Europe Mobile Maps Australia & New Zealand – Turn-by-Turn Voice Guided GPS Navigation Mobile Maps Asia – South-East – Turn-by-Turn […]

Pricing in Apple App Store: no country is the same

Currently, the prices for paid applications in the Apple App Store are highly fluctuating. Developers seem to be in search for the best pricepoint for their application and experiment to find out what works best. The content in the Apple App Store is also very country specific. We made an overview of the total price of […]

First turn-by-turn navigation app in Apple App Store: €74,99

The first navigation app was released by NAVIGON AG, MobileNavigator Europe (iTunes link here). We gathered some interesting stats about the app from the data we collect. The app has been doing great since its release, especially when we take into account its high price compared to other apps (€74,99). Most interestingly, although the maps […]

iPhone 3.0 in-app purchasing and subscription to increase revenues

The iPhone 3.0 software has been made available, with a lot of new features for Apple’s handset. There has been a lot of attention for all these features, but for developers, the in-app purchase and subscription mechanisms may be most significant. The in-app purchase mechanism enables developers to charge for seperate features of the app; […]