Facebook Mobile over 1M downloads on Getjar

This week we already talked about Facebook Mobile being the fastest mover in the March Getjar rankings, doubling their downloads within 4 weeks. Getjar just announced that Facebook Mobile hit the magic 1M downloads mark, within 10 months after launch. Why is this 1M so interesting, compared the the millions of Facebook users? Well, the […]

Monetizing trials in Android Market

So you want to monetize your Android application? Offering paid applications in Android Market is currently only supported for US and UK developers. Support for more countries should be coming soon. Since the Android launch several developers have been offering trials to show users what their app can do, and monetize from an upsell to […]

Nokia Ovi Store for developers

The launch of Nokia’s Ovi app store is just around the corner, coming in May. Mobile developers will be able to distribute Java, Symbian and Flash Lite apps, paid and free. Here is a nice video that gives some background info: You can already upload your mobile application for Q&A by Nokia. Check out http://publish.ovi.com […]

Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn) on Distribution

Reid Hoffman, CEO of LinkedIn and investor in more than 60 web ventures, just wrote about his rules for investing in startups on TechCrunch. His first rule is to think about reaching a massive audience: “In real estate the wisdom says “location, location, location.” In consumer Internet, think “distribution, distribution, distribution.” At Distimo, we feel […]