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AppIQ provides the most accurate app data available globally, and is used by major developers, brands and the financial services industry.

Benefits you will enjoy

Track any app’s or publisher’s downloads and revenues.

Identify platform market shares and opportunities.

Analyze important trends and developments.

Benchmark categories of apps.

Basically, you will get all the intel you need to compete in the app store market.
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Track estimated downloads & revenues

Download estimates are available for any app, enabling you to analyze your market share and compare your downloads to your competitors’ in one chart. Events such as price changes, featured listings and updates are also included, allowing you to analyze the influence of each event on downloads.

Aside from downloads, revenue estimations are also available, enabling you to analyze revenues for any competitor by country. Track where your competitors’ revenue comes from every day – by country, product and business model.

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App & publisher leaderboards

The leaderboard section allows you to individually analyze the top apps & publishers in every category, country and store aggregated by day, month, week or quarter. Daily download and revenue estimates are included for every app, allowing you to analyze the market you are competing in, and plan your marketing campaigns more efficiently.

Why AppIQ?

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AppIQ is available for many app stores and many countries. See the full list below.

App Store Availability Country Availability

Apple App Store GetJar
Apple Mac App Store Nokia Store
Amazon Appstore Samsung Apps
BlackBerry World Windows Phone Store
Google Play Windows Store

Please inquire for store specific data availability.


Distimo AppIQ helps DeNA stay on top of trends in the rapidly changing mobile app market. Such data is crucial for us to continue to expand globally and keep ahead of the market.
Yasuhiro Yano - SVP Marketing Unit Head

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Our Methodology

Distimo collects two data sets. The first is publicly available data, such as app and publisher names, prices, rankings and ratings. The second data set consists of transactional data – downloads and revenues – for developers that use Distimo App Analytics. Download and revenue volumes are then calculated based on daily sampling of both datasets. When calculating downloads and revenues for individual apps, Distimo always excludes that app’s transactional data from the analysis to preserve the confidentiality of our users’ data.

Our Accuracy is unmatched in the industry:
54% of apps are estimated with a margin of error below 3%. 95% are estimated with a margin of error below 10%.*

* Based on US top 1000 paid iOS apps.

Project downloads, revenues & ranks

Based on transactional data collected from Distimo App Analytics, we project known download volumes and ranks in to a graph.

Curve calculation

With these ranks and downloads, Distimo calculates the downloads/ranking curve for the intermediate apps for each day individually

Download estimations

Download and revenue volumes can now be calculated for every country and every app.

When calculating download and revenue volumes for individual apps, Distimo always excludes that app's transactional data from the analysis.
Hendrik Koekkoek - Senior Data Analyst at Distimo


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