Vincent Remco Ruben Tom
Vincent Hoogsteder – CEO and co-founder

Vincent is armed with the responsibility of Distimo's product development at large, along with Distimo's brand and global partnerships. Prior to Distimo, Vincent launched two successful start-ups within the mobile sector.

Vincent's Top 3 'must have' apps - Runkeeper, Sunrise, Rdio
Remco van den Elzen – CCO and co-founder

Remco is responsible for leading and scaling our global sales team and building valuable partnerships. Prior to Distimo, Remco launched a technology-driven incubator for start-ups.

Remco's Top 3 'must have' apps - Airbnb, 1Password, iWindsurf
Ruben Heerdink – COO and co-founder

Ruben leads front end development, technical operations and developer recruitment strategy. Prior to Distimo, he co-founded a free web service for creating a personal web log using any mobile device with a built in camera.

Ruben's Top 3 'must have' apps - Strava, Spotify, Facebook
Tom Jansen – CTO and co-founder

Tom is responsible for Distimo's overall system architecture; along with that, he also leads the backend team and the data team. With a background in software development, Tom has co-founded platforms to facilitate hosting and development along with custom software solutions.

Tom's Top 3 'must have' apps - Strava, Spotify, MyWOD


Wellington Partners

Wellington Partners is a venture capital firm that works with innovative companies predominantly originating out of Europe that have global ambitions from day one.

Since the 1990's Wellington Partners has supported those ambitions of some of the best entrepreneurs and helped them become global leaders in their businesses, being early investors in companies like Spotify, Alando (eBay), Actelion and Hailo.

Wellington Partners itself has a global presence with offices located in London, Munich, Zurich and Palo Alto.


Adobe GSMA MEF Newzoo interarrows


Distimo and Adobe® have entered into a partnership that allows mutual customers to merge Distimo’s App Store Data into Adobe® Analytics. We integrate and automatically sync Distimo’s app store data and analytics with Adobe® Analytics, a real-time, high-performance analytics and reporting platform.

Mutual customers of our two companies will gain deep insight into their app store data, such as the ability to view their application’s downloads, one-off revenue, in-app revenue, and rankings for every major app store worldwide – including the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, BlackBerry World, and Windows Phone/Windows Store, right in Adobe® Analytics.

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